"That's MyMix!"


MyMix Studios Quick FAQ

Do you have any examples of your work?

The best way to see what we can do for you and your music is to upload to your MyMix account and request a FREE SAMPLE. We'll use YOUR tracks so you can hear EXACTLY what we can do. If you still prefer to hear a sample, reach out! We may ask a few questions so that we make sure you are listening to something that will be relevant to your situation.

What is this Em² process you're talking about?

Simply put , Em² = Edit and Mix/Master. "Em² doesn't seem too unique. After all, isn't editing, mixing, and mastering pretty standard?" We'll have some more information coming up on our website, so stay tuned! However, the best way is to experience it yourself. Check out our Pricing & Booking page to get started, or upload your tracks for FREE SAMPLE!

"Process" sounds artificial, is it?!

Actually, quite the opposite! Our 'process' helps us define common factors different styles and disciplines of music tend to share. This allows us to focus on what makes your music special.... YOU! Your style, your groove, your inflection is what gets our attention. It is what makes MyMix, YOUR mix!

100% Satisfaction, Money Back Guarantee?! What's the catch?

Music is completely personal and subjective, and sometimes things just may not gel. No worries, anytime from when we start until the final approval of the masters, let us know, and we will issue you a full refund. Once the final masters have been delivered to you, the fee is no longer refundable. However, we make sure to give you many opportunities along the way, including the final approval, to make sure you are getting what EXACTLY you need.

Welcome to our GRAND OPENING! We are continuing to add information to our site.