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We will MIX or REMIX your band's self recorded tracks - take your sound further than you thought possible!

"That's MyMix!"

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We work with bands, artists, and groups of all levels of musical and technical capabilities - taking your self recorded tracks further than you ever imagined. Login and upload your tracks today!

Whether your band's recording setup is $500 or $5000, we'll utilize our unique Em² process to give your tracks the Pro Studio shine. 

If you're not sure you have everything you need, or the know-how to do it, reach out! Give us a call or send us a quick message through our Contact page. 


We'll take time to dig in with you personally to make the process and experience as good as your mix!

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mBm Em²

Your band's self recorded tracks given the Pro Studio touch! We'll dig into your multi-tracks with our unique Em² process - an edit and mix/master that will complete the sound in your head!


All of your tracks processed, mixed, and mastered through the highest end analog equipment available, featuring some of the biggest names and classic circuits of ANALOG AUDIO.

Em² + Premium Production

Take your sound to the highest levels of production with the addition of Premium Production elements.


Spend your time CREATING and let us bring everything together for the FINISH. 

  • mBm Em² 1 Song

    Edit and Mix/Master
    • up to 5 minutes
  • mBm Em² 3 Songs

    Edit and Mix/Master
    • 3 songs - up to 5 minutes each
  • mBm Em² 6 Songs

    Edit and Mix/Master
    • 6 songs - up to 5 minutes each
  • mBm Em²+P² 1 Song

    Edit, Mix/Master + Premium Production
    • 1 song - up to 5 minutes
  • mBm Em²+P² 3 Songs

    Edit, Mix/Master + Premium Production
    • 2 songs - up to 5 minutes each
  • mBm Em²+P² 6 Songs

    Edit, Mix/Master + Premium Production
    • 6 songs - up to 5 minutes each