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Songwriters! Hear your songs finished with an amazing rhythm section. Record your voice and instrument at home, and we'll do the rest! 

"That's MyMix!"

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Attention SONGWRITERS! Hear your songs taken all the way with a killer rhythm section, final mix and production to fully showcase your music!

Record your vocals and instruments of choice at home (such as guitar, piano, or keyboard). Send us your tracks and we will will fill out the rhythm section with amazing drums, bass, guitar, and keys. REAL MUSICIANS recorded and mixed through the highest end ANALOG recording gear.


If your vision goes even further, select our Premium Production and we add all of the elements necessary to get the MEGAPOPALTERNAMETALHIPSTERJAZZ sound you have in your head.

If you're not sure you have everything you need, or the know-how to do it, reach out! Give us a call or send us a quick message through our Contact page. 


We'll take time to dig in with you personally to make the process and experience as good as your mix!

100% Satisfaction - Money Back Guarantee! *

mSm Em²

You start, we finish! Record your vocals and instrument of choice at home, and we will complete the picture with a killer rhythm section - think a la Motown meets house band, with a skinny jeans option :)


We utilize our unique Em² process to give your self recorded tracks the Pro Studio touch - whether your home setup is $200 or $2000, we'll make it shine!


Next, we'll top it off with REAL MUSICIANS, recorded and mixed through the highest end ANALOG gear. Completing your songs with the classic feel of a guitar, bass, drums, and keys rhythm section.

Em² + Premium Production

Take your music to the highest levels of production and musical arrangement with Premium Production elements added above and beyond your standard rhythm section.

  • mSm Em² 1 Song

    Custom Band, Edit and Mix/Master
    • 1 Song - up to 5 minutes
  • mSm Em² 3 Songs

    Custom Band, Edit and Mix/Master
    • 2 Songs - up to 5 minutes each
  • mSm Em² 6 Songs

    Custom Band, Edit and Mix/Master
    • 6 songs - up to 5 minutes each