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Need a custom quote, or have a question before booking? 

mBm Em²

Your band's self recorded tracks given the Pro Studio touch! We'll dig into your multi-tracks with our unique Em² process - an edit and mix/master that will complete the sound your head!


All of your tracks processed, mixed, and mastered through the highest end analog equipment available, featuring some of the biggest names and classic circuits of ANALOG AUDIO.

Em² + Premium Production

Take your sound to the highest levels of production with the addition of Premium Production elements.


Spend your time CREATING and let us bring everything together for the FINISH. 


  • mBm Em² 1 Song

    Edit and Mix/Master
    • up to 5 minutes
  • mBm Em² 3 Songs

    Edit and Mix/Master
    • 3 songs - up to 5 minutes each
  • mBm Em² 6 Songs

    Edit and Mix/Master
    • 6 songs - up to 5 minutes each
  • mBm Em²+P² 1 Song

    Edit, Mix/Master + Premium Production
    • 1 song - up to 5 minutes
  • mBm Em²+P² 3 Songs

    Edit, Mix/Master + Premium Production
    • 2 songs - up to 5 minutes each
  • mBm Em²+P² 6 Songs

    Edit, Mix/Master + Premium Production
    • 6 songs - up to 5 minutes each